We (A+I) see facility planning in four phases, parts of which ideally proceed in parallel. This can ensure that findings from one phase can also influence previous planning steps.

♦ In phase 1 all necessary decisions for (re-)constructing a production site are made.
♦ During the rough planning phase, a production process is designed, the availability of tools and parts is ensured and the overall layout is examined to be free from collisions.
♦ The detailed planning phase contains tests, e.g. as to whether the machine connections fit the technical building equipment by 100%.
♦ Finally, the machines are calibrated, brought into service and re-calibrated during the implementation phase.

This planning process can be made safe and accelerated. In particular, planning errors become visible in digital models and can be corrected in time. Furthermore, different scenarios can be run through with virtual techniques until the optimum is achieved.

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