Are you a plant manufacturer, and your customer is planning to (re-) construct his production site? He wishes a virtual demonstration of the planned facilities, machines and materials handling equipment before the implementation? Now you are requested to supply CAD documentations.

On the basis of your data:

♦ local measurements and photos or
♦ existing 2D CAD schemes or
♦ existing 3D CAD models or
♦ point clouds from a laser scanner picture

and your requirements as to detail level, accuracy and rules and norms to be observed, we set up 2D schemes or 3D models for you. These results are not only the basis for your customer’s planning and simulation requirements, but you can also use them directly e.g. in your tender documents, the specifications or in product presentations.

Example 1:


Data volume:  2,5 MB

No visualisation of Hights/Depths

Limited clash test ability

Example 2:

3D-constructions drawings

Data volume: ca. 520 MB

Data volume unwieldy

Because of the large data volume it is time-consuming to display more than one in a production line layout

Example 3:

3D-Layout by A+I

Data volume:  0,25 MB

Reduction of the file size down by the factor of  2500.*

* Compared to example 2.

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