You are aware of the advantages of VR, but you are missing the relation to the real world?

With Microsoft HoloLens, 3-dimensional information is embedded in the real environment at real time, which means that the virtual and the real world interfere with each other.

We illustrate e.g. planned facilities true to scale in an existing machinery, examine material flows and make work flows visible. We can visualize your entire project plans far more precisely.

This way you can put virtual equipment in the room/plant, export your results and implement them in your layouts in less time.

In construction supervision, you import the layouts in HoloLens and can compare them to the real building. You are able to check the progress and determine if something needs changing.

As the communication across different divisions and hierarchy levels is considerably facilitated (as it is with VR), instruction sheets can be digitalized, and presentations of industrial products and facilities can be illustrated interactively.

This is the meeting area in our office with a robot cell downsized to fit the room.

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