HoloLens enhaced facility planning

We have improved upon existing apps and also programmed new ones to enhance the planning experience with HoloLens. It is now easier than ever to plan a facilty from scratch or enhance an existing one. Contact us and see how we can help you with that.

Just an example of what is possible with Augmented reality gears. In this case we placed a 3D model in our office.

Facility planning

A+I sees facility planning in four phases, parts of which ideally proceed in parallel. This can ensure that findings from one phase can also influence previous planning steps.

Digital facility

 Are you a plant manufacturer, and your customer is planning to (re-) construct his production site? He wishes a virtual demonstration of the planned facilities, machines and materials handling equipment before the implementation?

Layout coordination

Are you facing difficult installing situations within the (re-)construction of your plant? Do you need certainty before implementing your project and before choosing appropriate manufacturers?

Lean supply chain

Are you noticing weaknesses in your processes, e.g. in the flow of goods or information? Are you having ideas for new products or new services?

Virtual Reality

CAD models are not real enough for you as a decision maker? And they do not appeal to your machine engineers either? 

3D Laserscanning

There is no digital inventory documentation for your (re-) construction project yet? Or your data are simply no longer up to date?

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